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Eco Grass


New Lawns
Old Lawn Renovation

Requires very little Maintenance

Reduces Weed Infestation

Drought Tolerant

Disease & Pest Resistant

Fertilize less

Requires a lot less water than typical sod (blue grass)

Ideal on steep hillsides,
septic fields and sub division boulevards

Salt tolerant
(ideal for areas near streets where winter ice control salting spreading occurs)

Pet Resistant

Ideal for larger acreages where maintenance time is an issue.

Can be hydroseeded or mechanically seeded.

Thrives in full sun or partial shade


Renovating a nasty 30 to 50 year old lawn with Eco Grass

In the two pictures below you can see the excellent results we get when using our biologically enhanced top dressing restoration method to renovate an old lawn


Lawn Before


Lawn After Renovation

lawn after renovation

Enhanced Hydroseeding
Enhanced Hydroseeding
Fixes poor clay soil resulting in dramatically better growth verses standard hydroseeding click here for more info

Eco Grass

Ecologically friendly turf grass for your lawn or acreage

We offer the most successful lawn and turf installation
available in Alberta

Enhanced Hydroseeding
Standard Hydroseeding
Drill Seeding
Mechanical Seeding

For information on our grass seeding services please click here


picture above: A never mowed Eco Grass lawn.

For a more standard kept lawn look, mow Eco grass a few times a year


Ecologically Smart Solutions for Lawns

This low maintenance lawn mix is made up of 6 types of rugged and fine fescue seeds and some hardy native short grasses, the ultra low maintenance version blend does not include any high maintenance water loving kentucky blue grasses (KBG)  or low cost "filler" grasses like annual rye grass common in cheap retail blends.

We also have a 70 % Eco / 30%  KBG  blends for city lawns where a compromise between low maintenance and typical lush KBG look is desired. These blended lawns do very well and are less work and much hardier than a full KBG sod type lawn.

This marvelous blend of grasses produces a fine, soft turf ideal for lawns. It is durable, salt tolerant and requires very little watering compared to sod based blue grass lawns.

The low maintenance features also includes reduced mowing requirements. On acreages or parks, the grass can be left without mowing indefinitely.

Where can I buy it ?

We researched and designed this seed blend for our use in lawn renovation work, land reclamation work and for our customer base wanting low maintenance grass that thrives in Alberta soils. 

Unfortunately we don't sell Eco Grass direct to homeowners anymore in smaller quantities
under 4 to 6 (50 lb) sacks due to economics.

The main reason we stopped selling to homeowners is that grass seeding by hand is NOT an effective way to plant grass in Alberta. Due to high altitude, low humidity and high UV grass seed is killed on the surface of the soil within a few days.

nasty diy

Good seed to soil contact is essential, which means the seed should be covered by soil or hydroseeding mulch. This is true of ALL grass seed, not just the Eco Grass blends.  Often 90% of the seed is killed before or just after germination when seeding by hand on the surface is the method used to plant.

hand seeded

Scattering grass seed on top of an existing lawn is also very ineffective as the seed hangs up and dries out before proper germination occurs as it never touches the soil.

Seed left on top of clay soil and then watered regularly will draw salt and alkali out of the clay and "cook" the seed as it sits on the surface crust of the clay soil. The more you water it, the more the salt and alkali leech up to the surface. This effect is increased with the use of chlorinated hard city or well water. 

After years of clients buying seed and trying this method we found most had poor results because they tried to plant by surface seeding. The fault lies 100% in the planting method and not in the seed .

We realize you can grow a lawn by hand seeding,  however the results are often terrible and patchy and again this is NO fault of the seed or grass type, its purely because surface seeding is not appropriate in Alberta's climate.

After decades of experience and feedback we have found the vast majority of homeowners fail at attaining a good lawn results when doing it themselves, many were under the impression that the seed "did not work" and were displeased which of course is not the case. We are very proud of this product and its excellent results when planted properly. We can't emphasize enough how important use of the proper planting method is required for success with any grass seeding.

As a service provider and lawn care professional it was never our intention to try and sell this seed direct to homeowners for these reasons. We would pleased to plant your new lawn or renovate your old lawn through our turf installation services in the ways that are most effective.

There are other brands of Eco type grasses available in some stores for purchase if you wish to try your luck at it . We have found that most of these blends do not thrive in Alberta as they were blended for other climates and use low grade seed types in the mixes. 

 We do sell larger quantities to landscapers, acreage owners and farmers that
have the proper turf seeding equipment

Scroll down a bit on this page to read more about the problems
of surface seeding.


Mistaya Land and Water Corp.
Lawn and Soil Services
Toll Free 1-877-894-9378 - Direct Dial 1-403-638-8090 - Email : eco

For people that like that even cropped look on a lawn, you can mow your lawn as little as 2 or 3 times a season and it will maintain that shorter neat look.

This specially designed blend of six or more fine fescue grasses, grows to form a dense turf on loam, well drained clay and even in infertile, dry soils!

Eco-Grass thrives in full sun, part shade and even in deep shade conditions! How you ask ..simple it is a blend of many types of grasses, the grasses in the blend that love the shade will dominate in shady areas and the sun loving grasses will thrive in the full sun areas. you can't do that with single species lawns like sod.

Eco-Grass can reduce your maintenance time and costs . . . with Eco-Grass you don't have to mow, water, fertilize or aerate . . . saving you time and money and helping to create a healthier environment .

This Eco Grass blend is a high quality proven product unlike the poor blends you get in most garden centres. Those retails blends are made to cover the widest range of conditions possible so they can be sold anywhere, this results in a blend that is often wrong for your application and often has been sitting on a shelf or warehouse for many years. They also contain many low grade filler grasses that make up the bulk of the package to reduce the cost.

Reduce your mowing time or don't mow at all!

Eco-Grass while quick to germinate, is a very slow growing grass that has a fine textured, dense, low-growing habit, so you don't have to mow it if you don't want to! Left unmown, over the course of a full growing season, Eco-Grass blades will grow to about 9 inches long, but because the blades of Eco-Grass are so fine, it falls over to about a 4 inch height creating Eco-Grass's gentle, flowing carpet-like appearance. If you prefer a more 'cropped lawn look', occasional mowing will be necessary. Mow Eco-Grass no more than once a month to a height of 3 to 4 inches for a classic lawn look.

Drought Tolerant

Eco-Grass produces grass blades that are very thin and thus don't require the amount of water that typical, thick bladed lawn grasses demand. Eco-Grass also creates roots that grow deep into the ground, so Eco-Grass can seek out needed nutrients and water naturally, thus eliminating the need for watering. Eco-Grass is perfect for areas where water conservation is important and is excellent for establishing new lawns, erosion buffers and bank stabilization.

No fertilizers or chemicals required!

Eco-Grass, unlike traditional turf grasses, creates a deep root system. It will make roots up to 9 inches (22.86 cm) deep in hard pan clay soils and up to 14 inches (35.56 cm) deep in sandy soils! These deep root systems enable Eco-Grass to naturally source the nutrients it requires from the soil so you don't need to add chemical fertilizers!

For new lawns or fix your old existing worn out lawn This product can be hydroseeded (hydro seeded) or mechanically seeded or oversown (overseeded ) by top dressing

When this is done with existing lawns the new more aggressive Eco-Grass fescues and native grasses will gradually replace the current lawn and change the grass type over to eco grass. This is particularly effective for older worn out lawns and can usually be done in asingle top dress application and grown in over the span of a year.


Dog Damaged Lawns - we have the solution !

If you have dogs, this grass blend is ideal, sod grass lawns are virtually zero salt tolerant, while eco grass is very salt tolerant. It is the salt and ammonia in the dogs urine that builds up in the soil until it becomes infertile. A simple application of our 100% natural Dog Spot Eliminator will neutralize the salt and attenuate the excess nitrogen from the ammonia, now your soil has been fixed you can resow or replace your lawn with Eco Grass for as much more dog tolerant lawn.

Please read our article on dog damaged lawns or our program for Mistaya Land to come and replace your old tired or dog damaged lawn. click here or go to www.needanewlawn.ca/dogdamagedlawns.htm

The problem with Surface seeding a lawn

in the event you are thinking of hand/surface seeding your new lawn in Alberta, here are some points to consider

This method of seeding a new lawn simply does not work in Alberta.

 It is a waste of money and can cause a lot of problems if not done correctly or if the weather/moisture conditions are not just perfect.

it can also be a lot more costly to fix the lawn afterwards as the patchy mess of grass patches, clumps and weeds means the soil must be reworked for re-seeding. Many homeowners get caught with this problem.
Any money "saved" at this point is now lost as the entire area has to be done again and may cost extra to fix because of the half grown in mess.

Below are the main reasons.

 1) Alberta has high clay soil which does not hold moisture well, the seed dries out fast either killing it or halting germination.The high levels sodium and carbonates in the clay soil "cooks" the seed as it dries from daily watering as it leeches the alkali and salt to the surface when wetting and drying occurs.
Trying to "rake" grass seed into the soil by hand or dragging a screen or harrows does not help. Grass seed needs a consistent depth of about 1/4 " deep to grow. If its buried more than that a lot of it will not germinate. Rolling it give better seed-soil contact but most of the seed is exposed to UV, wind and heat

Harrowing or dragging a screen over surfaced seeded areas simply drags the seed into drifts and lines all with varying depths and cover, much of it too deep and other section too shallow.  large areas will be bare and others with more seed than required. When and if it grows in it is patchy and inconsistent. These open areas will quickly fill with weeds.
2 ) High elevation - This is a serious problem in many locations and includes Calgary and surrounding areas like High River, Okotoks, Turner Valley, Cochrane , Drayton Valley and all places along the foothills. High elevation means low night time temperatures and high UV. These factors drastically affect germination. Grass seed requires 10 to 12 days of consistent 18C temperatures. Seed buried in soil is able to maintain a stable temp, on the surface it cannot.

 3) Cool night time temps due to short growing season (high altitude again)  and high day time temps make for a large temperature swing that can cause the seed to stop germinating or it stops from dying out. missing even a day's watering in hot weather can kill the tender germ.

4) Alberta is famous for constant wind in areas, this wind will dry out the seed in matter of a day in spring and summer. Or it can cool the seed to the point it will not germinate. It can blow the seed away. Buried seed is not as severely affected by wind.

5) seeding into existing grass with new seed sprinkled onto it is also ineffective as much of the seed gets hung up above the soil in the thatch and grass blades .This seed will not germinate as it cannot maintain its moisture and temperate when surrounded by air. It is difficult to get the seed to grow unless the conditions are ideal like a week or more of consistent rainy and warm (not hot) weather.

6) Soil Problems - many problems with old are thin lawns are related to SOIL CONDITIONS. Trying to plant new grass into old or poor soil will NOT solve the problem in the lawn. Even hardy grass types like Eco Grass are not "magical" meaning that they are affected by poor soil like any other seed. Many lawn problems are related specifically to soil problems and NOT grass related, in other words adding more grass seed of any type will not solve the problem.

A good example of this is dog damaged lawns, the dead spots contain toxic soil from the urea and salt in the urine. This builds up in those spots and cannot be washed away as it locks into the soil..this soil is now dead to plant life. simply adding more grass to these spots often will not result in any growth. The salt has to be removed by a chemical reaction using some specific treatment products. Old lawn 20 to 50 year old have exhausted soil, it needs to be rejuvenated by a process,,simply throwing more seed on it will not fix it as the soil will not support healthy plant growth.

Soil problems are the biggest issue with struggling lawns, not so much the type of grass in them. Most homeowners attempt to "fix" their old lawns by buying new seed and over sowing them. Even using premium seed like Eco Grass will not solve the problem. This factor and the problems with surface seeding new lawns is why we stopped selling direct to homeowners. The expectations were high and success was low resulting in a lot of disappointed clients whom them blamed the seed instead of realizing it was other factors like palnting method and soil issues.

This why Mistaya Land Programs treat the entire lawn and the soil under it to fix it . We always treat the soil in every application to insure success. Allow us to do what we do best and give you the results that will make you satisfied.  


Where will Eco Grass Grow ?

Our Eco grass is a cool season turf mix and is recommended for planting in the regions shown in dark green on the map below. Most Alberta is within that zone

For more information on Eco Grass lawns click here or go to http://www.purewest.ca



Custom Blended Eco Grass Variations

This product can be custom blended for slight variations such as addition of specific native grasses.
Please inquire for your unique needs or application

For more information getting your lawn or acreage seeded with Eco Grass click here http://www.purewest.ca

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Is your lawn making you Sick ?

In a word ..Yes . Traditional lawn care is making people sick.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 80 million U.S. households dump nearly 90 million pounds of herbicides and pesticides on lawns in a year. In fact, lawn care is as much of a danger to our health and the environment as conventional agriculture is.

It also Estimated that The typical American lawn sucks up 10,000 gallons of supplemental water (non-rainwater) annually. Canada is no different.

Most of these issues can be traced back to the extensive use of sod (Blue Grasses) with it's short root system and voracious need for fertilizers and herbicides

...Eco Grass does not have these high maintenance requirements and makes a superb lawn.

If you are starting a new lawn or need your old replaced consider using one of our many blends of low maintainance lawns or Eco grasses.

Click here for information on how you can replace your existing sod based blue grass lawn with eco Grass WITHOUT digging it up. http://www.needanewlawn.ca